Screen Replacement Service in 15 to 30 minutes While you Wait!

Computer Repair Bronx Service At Compusettings, Inc. We have the best components, software, and experienced personnel to provide you with the best laptop repair service in the Bronx, New York, We are conveniently located just steps away from the Amtrak Train station, and in Grand Concourse near Fordham Road, we are currently serving customers, from Yonkers, New Rochelle, Upstate New York, Manhattan, NJ and the Bronx Of course.

Express Service for New York Customers is available upon request!

At Computer Settings, Inc. we will take care of your computer problems in no time our experts in this field will transform your computer nightmare into a sweet dream , Computer performance issues like virus, hard drive problems software corruption are only few of the things that we could help you with.

We Can Clean Your Computer Fast and at a Low Price!

Having your computer running clean, free and secure is a wonderful feeling isn’t it? when you are on the web your computer is at risk and as we all know your personal information is at risk also, every day several variations of viruses are released in to the web, making the virus clean up and protection a very active industry; as soon a new virus is released the antivirus companies immediately add this information to their databases witch are then distributed to their clients in a form of updates.

Professional Security Cameras

At CompuSettings, we do more than computer, phone and game system repairs. We also provide consulting services and technical support for most technical areas, including security camera systems and installations. Whether you need security cameras at a school, your business, private home, construction site, a parking lot, night club, for property management or really anywhere else, CompuSettings has the cameras you need. We provide: HD quality, megapixel, weather and vandal proof security cameras with night vision and audio, as well as the professionals you need to get your system set up right the first time. CompuSettings carries the latest in security equipment at the lowest prices. If you have security camera questions or to receive your free estimate, give us a call today.

Security Camera Installations

If you already have your own security cameras, or you want to use ours, we can help with the installation either way. No job is too big or too small for CompuSettings. We can custom tailor a package that fits your needs and your budget, so you can begin feeling more secure as fast as possible. Our security camera systems are maintenance free and record 24/7. You can also keep an eye on the security cameras and your property 24/7 because our security system gives you the ability to watch the feed on your smartphone, computer or tablet live at any time, from anywhere. Our cameras are high definition and megapixel cameras with night vision and audio, so you won’t miss a second of action. Additionally, our cameras are weatherproof and vandal proof, so no matter where you put them, you can rest assured they’ll still be there tomorrow. If you need repairs, simply want to upgrade your existing security camera system, or you need help configuring your cameras to view the feed online, look no further. CompuSettings can fix, upgrade, install and configure your security camera system.

Single Camera Installations

If you’re looking for an easy, modern security system with good performance at a low cost, we’re happy to say we have a solution for you. IP cameras are becoming more popular as their price becomes more reasonable and people continue to upgrade to wireless devices of all kinds, including security cameras. For professional security camera installation at a low, affordable cost, look no further than CompuSettings. If you have security camera installation questions or security system concerns, feel free to give us a call or send us an email today.