Security Cameras!

We offer Installations of security cameras to manage online your home or business security. Using WIFI Technology , security webcam or a CCTV recording system connected to the internet, to watch your security cameras online is one of the best surveillance system features along with the use of mobile security Cameras.

Electronic Repairs!

At Computer Settings, Inc. we will install your security cameras fast and at a low cost. for home, store, day cares, parking lots, churches, schools, warehouses, construction sites, beauty salons, etc. we do it all, no job is too big/ no job is too small. we offer high definition, weather proof, vandal proof and the latest technology. you can supply your own equipment or buy it from us, get your free quote today.

Information Technology!

Having your computer running clean, free and secure is a wonderful feeling isn’t it? when you are on the web your computer is at risk and as we all know your personal information is at risk also, every day several variations of viruses are released in to the web, making the virus clean up and protection a very active industry; as soon a new virus is released the antivirus companies immediately add this information to their databases witch are then distributed to their clients in a form of updates.