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Playstation 5 HDMI

Fast and secure HDMI port change service for PlayStation 5

Multi Generation iPad Repair

Fast and reliable iPad screen change service.

IPhone Repair

IPhone Screen Repair in Just Minutes!

Laptop Screen Repair

 Laptop Screen Replacement, All Brands.

Installation of Security Cameras for Your Home or Business

We offer various types of facilities to suit your needs.

Business Telephone Systems

Use the latest communication technology in your company at a very low cost.

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Virus Removal Service

We specialize in removing malicious programs that are hiding inside your computer and harming it.

Viruses can creep up on your computer without you noticing. You might not feel the effects of the virus until you see your computer running sluggishly and find that it’s doing all sorts of weird stuff…


PlayStation 5 HDMI Repair

Playstation 5 HDMI Port repair is a common issue that can cause the video port to stop working.

If your PS5 HDMI port is jammed or not working, you need it fixed. The Playstation 5 HDMI port repair includes the replacement of the circuit board and all the connections to ensure proper communication with the TV.

iPhone Screen Repair Services in The Bronx, NY

iPhone Screen Replacement

We offer a range of services for today’s devices, from iPhone repair to iPads repairs.

With years of experience repairing all models of the iPhone, we guarantee to fix your problem the first time around…

Security Cameras Installation Service

Boot problems, the computer does not come up.

Boot problems, the computer does not come up.

Many are the occasions in which computers stop working correctly, one of the most common failures is what is called the boot or as it regularly refers to the Boot process. During this startup process is when the computer does a series of tests on itself to make sure...

Password recovery and security

Password recovery and security

Maintaining the security of your computer is essential, meaning that even if you are the only user of your computer it is important to add a password to your user account, in this case, we refer to your computer, not to email accounts or other services that they come...

Computer Sound Problems

Computer Sound Problems

Sound problems can be caused either by problems with physical components (hardware) or by programs (software). Each physical component in the computer is associated with a piece of a program called a driver, which we could define as the intermediary between the...