Screen Replacement Service in 15 to 30 minutes While you Wait!

Computer Repair Bronx Service At Compusettings, Inc. We have the best components, software, and experienced personnel to provide you with the best laptop repair service in the Bronx, New York, We are conveniently located just steps away from the Amtrak Train station, and in Grand Concourse near Fordham Road, we are currently serving customers, from Yonkers, New Rochelle, Upstate New York, Manhattan, NJ and the Bronx Of course.

Express Service for New York Customers is available upon request!

At Computer Settings, Inc. we will take care of your computer problems in no time our experts in this field will transform your computer nightmare into a sweet dream , Computer performance issues like virus, hard drive problems software corruption are only few of the things that we could help you with.

We Can Clean Your Computer Fast and at a Low Price!

Having your computer running clean, free and secure is a wonderful feeling isn’t it? when you are on the web your computer is at risk and as we all know your personal information is at risk also, every day several variations of viruses are released in to the web, making the virus clean up and protection a very active industry; as soon a new virus is released the antivirus companies immediately add this information to their databases witch are then distributed to their clients in a form of updates.