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The keyboard of a computer is a widely used physical component, there are several types of keyboards, and since their inception, they have been improving in their design and quality.

A defective keyboard is completely unproductive, the mere fact of not being able to type correctly is like not being able to speak, although there are options that offer an alternative or solution to this, such as the on-screen keyboard and voice recognition, they cannot replace the keyboard. of a computer in an environment where it is required to write documents or other similar activities in a productive environment.

Mobile computers or laptops come with their integrated keyboard, once it fails it must be repaired or replaced using technical procedures.

In most cases, this type of repair requires disassembling the equipment to access the component and subsequently replacing it.

Computer Settings offers this keyboard repair service for your PC or Mac computer, brands such as HP, Acer, Toshiba, DELL, and others.

We have noticed that a vast majority of keyboard problems are accidental, in many cases liquid is spilled on top of them. When this happens it is advisable to quickly turn off the mobile computer, since the liquid could find a way to the motherboard, and its components possibly causing damage of greater magnitude, then put the computer in a horizontal position and facing down so that the liquid does not keep going into the computer. After this, proceed to clean the keyboard first with a semi-damp cloth of alcohol of no more than 70% purity. If you follow these steps in the event of an accident of this type, you could avoid the cost of this repair.

If it is convenient for you, you can use Computer Settings services to repair your computer, such as the keyboard repair service, if you wish you can visit Computer Settings at 2246 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10457 or call 718- 584-2600 you can also send us an email to or use our contact page and specify in your message box your interest in the mobile computer keyboard repair service.

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