Computer Networking Service

Computer Networking Service

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Low-Cost Network Configuration and Installation!

    Our Networking Services:

Router Configuration


A Router is the heart of a small network your internet connection and your internal communication between your computers in most cases depends on it, compusettings technicians will go to your place of work or home and configure it for you in no time.

Internet Sharing

There is no point of having different internet accounts for more than one computer if they are at the same location, Compusettings, Inc. will configure your Computer network in a way that all of your computers, phones, tablets and any other internet ready devices could access the WEB in a very secure way. Let us take care of your wireless or wired internet connection sharing problem it will be our pleasure to serve you.

Printer Sharing

If want all your computers to print on the same printer or maybe just want to have your printers shared on your computer network or over the internet? no Problem we”ll make it happen compusettings, Inc. will send a very skilled technician to configure and/or install your printers in the most effective manner taking in consideration your requirements.

Firewall Configuration – Network Security

When your computer network is not secure is like living your home without locking the doors, the uncertainty of what could happen if reason enough to come back and care for that matter. Compusettings, Inc. will secure your computer network giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We will secure your sensitive data, by installing and/or configure your firewall and verifying that your workstations have installed the latest security updates, anti-virus definition files and the latest software updates to patch any software vulnerability.

Network wiring

Need to Interconnect your computers printers scanners etc. Let Us do the wiring for you.

We do your fiber optic or coaxial wiring utilizing the high-quality materials and the professional techniques that you deserve, at Compusettings, Inc. we understand that a computer network is a combination of different elements and the wiring is the foundation where all these elements doesn’t matter how good or expensive your server, Router, switch computers might be if the wiring is not right you will have a sluggish computer network performance. Have it done right the first time, Call compusettings, Inc. for your network wiring needs.

File Sharing

Network Storage

Cloud Computing

VPN Virtual Private Network Configuration

Remote Desktop

Server Configuration