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All electronic equipment produces heat, some more than others depending on the design and the circumstances in which they operate, it is necessary to dissipate this heat in order to maintain the temperature in an optimal operating mode.

There are different ways to dissipate this heat, one of them is through the use of metal plates, regularly aluminum also copper, or through the use of a fan or a combination of both.

There are other more complicated cooling systems such as the use of coolant as well as nitrogen, these being the least common.

But regardless of the type of heat dissipation used, the purpose is the same, maintaining the temperature and avoiding component damage due to overheating of the computer.

Another indicator that a computer or laptop that overheats or is very hot is when the fan feels very accelerated, in most cases it is necessary to remove the cover of the mobile computer or laptop to clean the vents so that air can circulate freely.

It is also possible that the cooling fan is defective and requires its replacement, in this case, we must take action quickly and thus avoid major damage to other components.

Computer Settings solves overheating problems in desktop computers (desktops) and mobile computers from brands such as Dell, Acer, HP, and Apple among others in case of have to replace the fan, our technicians are ready to offer this service.

Certain programs also cause us to have an accelerated fan in our practice. We have noticed that some applications accelerate the fan due to the demand for power that they require.

In conclusion, regardless of the type of cooling that your computer is mobile (laptop) or desktop (Desktop), they all intend to maintain the temperature in an ideal operating range.

So if your computer overheats or you have noticed that the fan is damaged and is very hot and you would like to repair it, you can contact Computer Settings by visiting us at 2246 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10457 or calling us at 718-584-2600 you can also send us An email to and specify that you need to solve the problem of heating your computer, also if you wish you can contact us through our contact page here on our website

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