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Security Cameras Installation For Buildings

 Our company specializes in the installation of security cameras for different fields, being the most requested these days the Security  Cameras Installation For Buildings,  property managers,  and others commercial administrators use our security camera Installation service to solve what has become a constant problem at these facilities, preventing sanitation tickets, false lawsuits, materials theft, crime prevention, vandalism, illegal activities, workers performance, etc.

Security Cameras Installation Services for Buildings

Our security camera installation will give you peace of mind. It will record 24 hours maintenance-free, for at least 30 days, with features such as failure notification, face detection, push notification, etc.

Night Vision, Vandal, and weatherproof installation are one of the added services we offer when you use our security camera installation for building services.

Centralized Management Software (C.M.S.) is a computer program designed for easy remote monitoring and location management, is like visiting every building at any time without leaving the office, it display will multiple locations on one single screen, and the user can choose which cameras want to see on any possible combination and using features like remote playback, footage download from the remote office is a potent tool to have at your disposal.

We offer a warranty on parts and labor at no extra cost, free Assessment, Free Remote Configuration, Life time phone support, and the lowest price in the market.

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