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Many factors can cause or contribute to the malfunction of your computer, causing it to be slow to use.

When your computer or laptop is slow, or frozen it could be that faulty component, high temperature, viruses, malicious programs, little RAM memory, or lack of space on the hard disk are the most common causes that cause this failure.

We can take as an example, a fault that was very common years ago, in this case, we will talk about defective capacitors, these components due to their design and their poor application and/or quality were a big problem for a time in the industry and its application. in the manufacture of motherboards.

In the case of high temperature on your computer, it can cause slowness when using it, it is important to keep the vents clean and the fan (s) working correctly.

When it comes to viruses and malicious programs these are the ones that take the prize when it comes to causing slowness, these programs can make your computer extremely slow making it practically inoperable.

A very common problem is the lack of RAM memory, this memory is vital during data processing, the more RAM your computer has the better, it is important to know what is the maximum capacity that your computer supports and make adjustments whenever possible.

If the hard drive of your computer is full or about to fill it is very possible that it causes slowness, it is important to uninstall programs that you no longer use, as well as files that you already downloaded or that do not interest you, the space on your disk is vital, since that virtual memory is created on the hard disk and is used in conjunction with RAM when necessary.

These situations mentioned above must be diagnosed to solve problems of slowness in your computer, if you wish to hire the services of Computer Settings you can do so by visiting us at 2246 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10457 you can also call for more information at 718-584-266 or by sending an email to if you wish, you can use our contact page here on our website and specify that you are interested in solving your computer’s slowness problems in the message box.

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