Computer Settings, Inc

I love this store!. Service is top notch. Staff is PROFESSIONAL. When one walks in, the service person makes immediately contact with client. Also the technicians there know their jobs. That is, it is not a guessing game. If tech tells you he will call you, trust me, you will absolutely get that call and never have to call yourself. I trust this company and will always go there with my DEVICE. I would never have to delete my data. I am comfortable with them and trust them with my information. On the other hand, when the job is done, one will be SATISFIED and beyond…..In addition, the PRICE is Unbelievable reasonable! Surprisingly, they do have other services that caught my attention(fix a bad CD…etc.) Check in with them for other services. They welcome that! This company takes HEART in why they do. I see their PASSION and LOVE!. Bless them and all that they do!