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 We Can Clean Your Computer Fast and at a Low Price! At Compusettings, Inc. we remove Viruses / Spyware and keep them away for good!!

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Virus Clean Up Service  Compusettings , Inc.  2246 Grand Concourse Bronx , NY 10457

Virus Clean Up Service
Compusettings , Inc.
2246 Grand Concourse Bronx , NY 10457

Having your computer running clean, free and secure is a wonderful feeling isn’t it?

when you are on  the web your computer is at risk and as we all know your personal information is at risk also, every day several variations of viruses are released in to the web, making the virus clean up and protection a very active industry; as soon a new virus is released the antivirus companies immediately add this information to their databases witch are then distributed to their clients in a form of updates. the following are a small set of recommendations and advises for the regular user.


Provably the most important step in keeping your computer clean is prevention and in our opinion it could be the solution to almost all virus infestations it could be as simple as using your common sense we could give you plenty of examples on different scenarios where you could catch a computer virus, a malware or any other form of malicious file. Opening email from unknown senders is a risk.Websites that offer you the latest gadget or a million dollars for free!! ( come’on you should know better) you know it should be fake offer , be careful or get out of that site, an so on.

The other part in the prevention process  is to keep your computer updated turn on the security updates to run automatically.

Clean up

Here things get a little complicated and will depend of how infected your computer is, sometimes purchasing an antivirus software will do the trick but in most cases is not enough of course they won’t tell you this in the store, if you try the antivirus software and your computer still give you problems you will need professional help either form us or somebody else.

Compusettings, Inc. offers virus removal services from start to the end,  we not only take viruses away but also we setup the necessary software to prevent this from happening but also we give a detailed explanation on how to protect your information from falling into the wrong hands.


This is the easiest part getting  a good antivirus software and and having your computer set to run automatic security updates for your antivirus software and your operating system is enough of course this doesn’t mean that there are not other things that you could do in addition to to these measures but as a general rule this is all you need.


Disclaimer: This is a general advise and we do not pretend to say that this will work in every case, if you are seeking for professional virus removal services give us a call Compusettings, inc. 718.584.2600 our personnel will take care of your computer virus issues.

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