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Many are the occasions in which computers stop working correctly, one of the most common failures is what is called the boot or as it regularly refers to the Boot process.

During this startup process is when the computer does a series of tests on itself to make sure that all its hardware components are working correctly, once this process has been completed, then the part that is to load the operating system enters what that we commonly call Windows for PCs and iOS for MACs or Apple brand computers. There are other operating systems such as Linux and UNIX, but for our case, we are going to focus on the most common ones.

The process of loading the operating system program happens several things and all have to have a successful result or you will receive an error on the screen that could stop the operation of some components of the computer if one of these errors affects a vital area of ​​the computer. the computer this would stop completely. On many occasions it is necessary to reinstall the operating system program if it has been damaged, there are also occasions when the hard disk is defective and it is necessary to replace it with a new unit, when this happens the operating system must also be installed already that the hard disk is where the system is housed.

On the other hand, if your computer does not turn on or is completely turned off, it is obvious that the area of ​​the power unit or power supply could be defective, also the power adapter or charger as it is also called, but not only the power units. Power can present this type of failure, there are other components that could turn off the computer completely, components such as the input plug or DC Jack, a defective motherboard also cause this type of failure.

Computer Settings offers a boot repair service for your computer, if your computer does not boot or does not turn on, our technicians will solve this problem without much difficulty.

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