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Sometimes some users cannot find information that they had hosted on their computer, or some external storage device, it is an understandably frustrating situation that must be treated with delicacy and above all patience.

During the data recovery process it is very important to carry out an investigation phase, acquiring all the necessary information in relation to the information that is being recovered so that it facilitates the data recovery method to be used and also prevents the data from being permanently deleted.

Once we have determined where this information is supposedly stored, we must determine the recovery method that we are going to use.

In the event that such data is on the hard drive of a computer, it is important to know if this device is accessible, so that we can search within it.

In some cases, programs designed for this purpose are used to carry out these searches, although there are situations in which these files have been deleted, which requires a deeper search.

In the event that the hard disk is physically defective, it is necessary to use other more advanced methods in order to extract the information, these methods require advanced hardware equipment.

Nowadays, techniques have been developed by which it is possible to recover data using somewhat rudimentary tools and processes and in a homemade way with some success.

It is important to clarify that no method guarantees the recovery of the information in 100% due to this many companies work by means of estimates when offering the costs of this service.

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