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A computer that won’t turn on is one of the most common problems we encounter in our repair shop. When your computer is completely dead and does not show signs of life, does not have indicator lights, nor does it make any type of sound, it is a sign that it is not being powered by the stages or power devices, that is, power supply, charger or adapter. alternating current in the case of referring to a laptop is an indication that it may not be working properly.

It should be noted that there are desktop or desktop computers that use alternating current adapters (AC adapters) as a power source, obviously, it is not correct to call them chargers since they are not portable devices, that is, they do not have a battery to charge with the exception of the internal battery of the computer that is used to keep important data such as the date and other configuration data.

When your computer or laptop does not turn on, shuts down, or does not respond, our company Computer Settings solves these power problems in portable computers (laptops) as well as desktop computers (Desktops).

We implement diagnostic processes to identify the defective component as well as locate the part numbers according to the model and brand of your computer.

We frequently repair this type of computer start-up problems from Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Asus, and Apple among others.

In our process of repairing computer ignition problems, we take and identify other failures that can cause similar problems, since many of these failures present the same symptoms of a total loss of power, as for example, a faulty power plug causes a loss full or partial power, another device that can present similar problems is a faulty motherboard among other devices.

For a conventional user, it is possible to solve a problem of this type simply by buying the charger or power supply that goes with the make or model of your computer. But as we have explained previously, there are other devices that cause the same failure.

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