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Sound problems can be caused either by problems with physical components (hardware) or by programs (software). Each physical component in the computer is associated with a piece of a program called a driver, which we could define as the intermediary between the operating system and said component.

We can deduce that to have a good sound and above all functional, we need the sound component to be in good condition, that is to say, physically functional, and that the driver program is correct.

Take for example the sound card of a PC computer, which generally have their driver program or drivers as it would be called in English, provided by the manufacturer, although Microsoft has in its database the drivers for the vast majority of the components so that the operating system makes them available when needed through system updates.

So let’s say we have the card, we don’t have software on hand, and this program is not in that Microsoft database. In this particular case, we must proceed to investigate the following, first, make, model, the chipset of this sound card after this, see what operating system is running on the computer where this card is being installed.

After doing this, the process becomes simpler to locate said driver program, we can visit the support page of the computer manufacturer in case they have been the ones who provided this component, then visit the website of the manufacturer of the computer. card, as well as the component’s support page, in case it was offered by a sound card vendor, we would finally look for the chipset used, this method is a bit more complex but still works for the purpose of doing searches. online for these drivers. This last process is delicate and knowledge combined with experience is essential, it is not advisable to download from sites on the web that are not recognized, due to the risks that this implies.

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