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One of the most frustrating problems for the computer user is not being able to connect to the internet, since it is indispensable for almost all the daily operations of today.

When a desktop or mobile computer (laptop) cannot connect to the internet, several details must be examined to solve this problem.

The first thing, although it seems obvious, is to verify that your internet provider or “ISP” for its acronym in English is not having problems in your area and if your customer account is up to date with said company.

After verifying this and having made sure that the modem and router are in good condition, make sure that we can connect to this network using other devices than the one we are having problems with.

We would then proceed to locate the failure of physical components (hardware) or configuration in the computer.

One of the most common causes that cause your computer not to connect to the internet is the defective Wifi card, a technical professional can look for this component and replace it with a new one, although also a USB version could solve the problem, although it would certainly be adding an external device which can sometimes be unwanted.

There are problems that have to do with the configuration of the network card, on many occasions we have noticed changes in the IP address of the network cards causing the computer, even though it is connected to the network, to not be able to surf the internet.

A corrupted or misconfigured browser can prevent you from browsing the Internet successfully, it is always advisable to try a different browser, today there are several popular goods such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari, and Chrome of Google.

Lastly, viruses and malicious programs can make it difficult or totally prevent Internet browsing. You should use an anti-virus and anti-malware solution to try to fix this situation.

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